Who are we?
So finally I went all hip and got myself a facebook account. I started this new thing called Sketchaholics where I go outside and draw people around me. But thanks to Facebook I am no longer alone. The idea is to get together a bunch of artists and meet up twice a week at various public places in and around Leipzig where we draw people. There are no rules really. Anybody who likes to draw can join up. You may use whatever tools you prefer and draw in whatever way you like. The overall idea is to simply have fun and experience the joy of drawing. In addition this ought to be a great opportunity for artists to improve their life drawing skills. We don’t have any minimum requirements, so if you feel like you are the worst artist in the world who can’t draw a straight line you may still join. This project is also for those people who are afraid to show their work. After each meeting I collect sketches from all artists, scan them at home and upload them to the internets where the whole world can see them. I won’t force anybody to give me their drawings, but I would really like to give as much exposure to this project as possible. If you are interested in getting yourself drawn you can follow as on Facebook where you can find our next scheduled meetings.

Where are we?
You can find us walking among the crowds in and around Leipzig masked as regular citizens. We do try hard to blend in, so catching a Sketchaholic in real life is no easy task. To make things easier you can also find us on the internets. Obviously this blog is the first place to start looking. We are also on Facebook where you can follow us, like us and find out about our next meetings.

Can I join?
Sure thing. If you want to draw with us, just contact me via the email thing. That would be If you just want to follow our group, you can be our very own groupie-hipster-fan-whatever on Facebook.

Where can I find your art?
You can do so right here.
If you would like to receive a print of any of those drawings feel free to contact me under


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