Freeplane and Freebees

If mind mapping is your thing, then you should totally check out
Freeplane. It’s an open-source mind map application with all the bells and whistles.
And since mind mapping is kind of my thing and I like Freeplane so much I thought I’d create my own splash screen for it. So I did.

Freeplane Splashscreen
If you are interested in the sketches go here (My daughter did the coloring on the inital sketches).

The awesome guys behind Freeplane also liked my new splash screen and incorporated it into the new version. So my splash screen is now part of Freeplane. We are also working on new icons and of course the new mascot should appear on their webpage in the upcoming future. So stay tuned for more Freebees.
Sorry about the pun.

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7 comments on “Freeplane and Freebees
  1. WTH says:

    Ugh! I much prefer the current splashscreen. I’ve been trying to get co-workers using Freeplane, but this image makes it look like a toy, not the powerful tool that it is.

  2. Schubert_R says:

    I use FP for hours every day and I don’t care for this at all. I’ve also been trying to persuade co-workers to user FP. However, this image makes FP look like a toy, not the powerful tool that it is.

  3. aphaisic_ogre says:

    You can keep removing negative comments, but this is still a bad, bad idea.

  4. piggy says:

    yuuchh, disgusting, looks like a pig with wings.

  5. Anonymous says:

    People,. the new splash is fun. Do you like not to have fun any more?

  6. The new icon and splash-screen are wonderful. I like them very much. They really make me feel the fun in using FreePlane.

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