Computer Virus and near self destruction

I was so proud of myself for having pushed through that giant stack of drawings. With everything finished I should have gone ahead and backed up all my data. Like I should, like I always do. Only this time I had created so many PSD files that they could no longer fit on my usb stick. So I didn’t back up my data. “It’s no big deal” I tell myself . “I’ll do it later, when I’m back home where I can access my usb hard disk.”
However this time around it does turn out to be a big deal. The following day I get myself a computer virus. And I always thought I was smart about the internets. So smart in fact that I haven’t used any virus protection software in years. I still believe I do not need virus protection software. With responsibility and common sense you can avoid viruses, or so I tell my friends in my infinite wisdom. Only I seem to be lacking both of these things on that particular day.
I immediately notice that something has gone amiss and check my task manager. Look and behold, there is a new background process I have never seen before slowly eating memory and doing, well something. I try to kill the process – won’t do. I try to locate the source file and delete it – no dice. I was still pretty calm in the beginning but after about an hour the realization begins to creep in. I needed to do something and fast. The background process has been growing and all the virus software I have downloaded cannot find the source of the virus. Now I am starting to think about my project files, but alas, it’s too late already. I can’t go online anymore and no more usb drive is being recognized. So I pull out the big guns. Half an hour later windows recovery gives me a shiny new windows with all my apps and data intact. Turns out the virus is still in tact as well, now eating even more RAM and locking down half of my applications. I now realize that I am dealing with something serious here. Refusing to format my hard drive I now reinstall Windows right on top of my old installation. And finally the witch is dead. Ding dong ding dong. None of my applications work any longer, but at least all my data on the hard drive is still alive and kicking. So finally I backup my data (like I should should should), wipe my drive and re-install windows for a third time.
So all is well in the end. I learned a valuable lesseon. wasted a couple of hours of my life and hopefully ended up being somewhat smarter than before.
Oh yeah, artwork. There you go.

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