On Happy Metal and Artwork

Recently my cousin paid me a visit to get away from work and his not so spectacular rural lifestyle (He lives somewhere around Hamburg, somewhere far far off and around). While I could not get away from work we spent my spare time playing Gears of War, attending the nightlife in Leipzig and watching anime shows. In short, it was a good time. I can appreciate the simple things in life, even more so with good company to go along for the ride. Gears of War turned out to be spectacular fun, especially playing it in co-op mode. We shot monsters, we shouted at each other, we chainsawed monsters, we groaned about the bugs and hangups, we killed more monsters. Between video games and parties we started watching an anime show called “Death Note”. We got about two thirds through the entire show before we decided to quit. It was a show that started out great and then lost its momentum halfway through. A real pity, but we did enjoy the first 15 episodes very much until our favorite character got killed. Another interesting aspect was the intro sequence that featured some very annoying japanese pop song. We kept complaining about such a bad choice of music, because it clearly did not fit the atmosphere of the show itself. Then in season two the musical score was replaced with a song by a band called Maximum the Hormone. These guys are a nu-metal band from Japan and they kick some serious butt. After we had quit the show I got my hands on one of their newer albums called Buiikikaesu. I can’t remember the last time I got hooked to a band so quickly. These guys did not need to convince me. Maximum the Hormone is a wild mix of metal, ska, punk and pop music. Three members of the band contribute to the vocals and genres are sometimes being mixed numerous times within a single song. And it all works. Their music is wild, crazy and something that can only be described as Happy Metal. Some of their stuff is quite heavy, so if you don’t enjoy screaming and loud music, Maximum the Hormone might not be your cup of tea.

Enough of the babbling, gimme some art already. There you go…

Posted in Illustration, Sketches

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