That stack of mine is shrinking

I got some time off work (the one that pays the bills) and went home (the one my mom owns) for a few days. And finally I am getting around to tackle that huge stack of sketches that has been sitting in my inbox and also on my conscience ever since I started ignoring it. At the time of this writing I am almost at the bottom of the stack. I have about 50 more drawings to process and prettify for publication. Once I am done I am going to seed the uploads of these drawings out over the next few weeks. Since I am now publishing on a schedule I might as well be smart about it. So if you are one of those people who are still waiting for their portrait to be uploaded you might have to wait another few days. I am quite happy with how most of these drawings turned out. I am also getting somehow faster and more efficient at the post-procedural work. Personally I am just glad I am finally discovering some sort of procedure at all. Anyway here is some artwork. See you next week!

Posted in Illustration

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