Let’s do this on a Schedule! Also, Doodles!

Hello there dear reader or imaginary friend. From now on I am going to post on a scheduled basis or at least I am going to try to post on a scheduled basis. This is part of me trying to streamline my workflow, so I can work in a more efficient and relaxed manner. As I mentioned before I am currently working on a lot of personal projects, so my To Do list is stacking up sky high. My blog is important to me, though. I can use this site to showcase the results of all my efforts rather than just having my artwork locked away in my room. So lets try this: Starting today I will post updates on Monday, Wednesday and Friday throughout the week. Let’s see how I fail that one miserably.

On a different note here is some artwork. Just random Doodles and Shape Explorations, basically just me drawing random stuff and enjoying myself. I hope you’ll enjoy it, too.

Posted in Sketches

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