Doodles of a Knight

Finally my new blog is done, I have collected, reviewed and edited all my old sketches, everything seems to be back in order and now I don’t really know what to do next.

My initial reaction to this new kind of problem was an old solution, which was to not draw at all and procrastinate instead. I was glad to find out that I still knew how to do that… to do nothing, that is.

So I have been watching Game of Thrones and playing The Witcher 2 way too much. Both have been fun, but I realized that I had to return to some kind of creative endeavor eventually. Given my recent rekindled interest in swords and fantasy and stuff I thought I would try some concept design on a knight character.

I tuned in to Merlin Mann’s Back to Work podcast (which is a fantastic show) and doodled away. So here it is, one big page filled with ugly doodles, the work equivalent of four shows of Back to Work.

Posted in Sketches

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